What does the beekeeper represent in WandaVision?

What does the beekeeper represent in WandaVision?

Once Scarlet Witch realized that the beekeeper’s arrival signified that the bubble that she created to protect her fantasy had been infiltrated, she panicked and tried to make sure that Vision didn’t learn about what exactly is happening in Westview.

What happened to the beekeeper in WandaVision?

agent succeeds in entering the hex only to be turned into a beekeeper. This is done by Wanda, who essentially rewinds the scene and edits it in order to maintain her idealized reality. The agent isn’t mentioned moving forward, even as other Westview victims have recurred on the show.

Why did a beekeeper come out of the sewer in WandaVision?

The intelligence agency decided to send one of their own in through the sewers to get a closer look at what’s happening on the inside. He enters wearing a hazmat suit, but as soon as he breaks the barrier, that suit becomes a beekeeper’s outfit (and his safety tether, an old-fashioned skipping rope).

Who is the beekeeper at the end of WandaVision episode 2?

The actor credited for this role is stuntman Zac Henry, and the character is listed simply as Beekeeper on IMDB.