Who did the costumes for Black Swan?

Rodarte Row THE costume designer at the heart of the Black Swan controversy has responded to her critics, asserting that – far from the Rodarte designers missing out on much-deserved costume design awards due to their lack of experience in the medium – the Mulleavy sisters only collaborated on seven costumes.

What is Maddys Halloween costume?

Maddy went as Iris for Halloween, from the movie Taxi Driver.

How do I make an Audrey Hepburn costume?

Just grab a little black dress, some pearls, and cat-eye sunglasses, then top it all off with a sparkly tiara. ➥ Shop the dress, sunglasses, necklace, and tiara. Audrey Hepburn’s character in Funny Face, Jo Stockton, is perfect for the person who loves wearing head-to-toe black.

What mental disorder does Nina have in Black Swan?

According to Malaspina, Nina’s affliction is most consistent with a severely neurotic, obsessive-compulsive patient with features of a borderline personality disorder who suffers from “mini-psychotic episodes.”