Is bunny Barbie married?

Bunny Barbie has excelled in her career as a social media influencer and has captivated many fans with her content. She is also a fashion designer and entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses. Moreover, she is a married woman and a mother of one.

Did bunny get divorced?

Parker. Bunny and Lowell have several children and live on a houseboat. Although she loves her child, she is not satisfied with staying on the boat and often goes out looking for male companionship beyond Lowell. As a result, Lowell gets extremely jealous, and they eventually get divorced.

What is the name of Bunny Barbies clothing line?

The two started as friends creating content together but that all went away when Bramty started a clothing store called Pinky Bunny. The pair never spoke about this new business and the name and logo look similar to Bunny Barbie’s branding.