What singers are in Coming to America 2?

In addition to Prince, the musical tapestry of the film includes cameo appearances by Gladys Knight, Salt n Pepa and En Vogue.

Who are the characters in Coming to America?

Paul Bates. Oha. Eddie Murphy. Garcelle Beauvais. Rose Bearer. Feather. Stephanie Simon. Rose Bearer. Victoria Dillard. Felicia Taylor. Bather. Midori. James Earl Jones. King Jaffe Joffer. Madge Sinclair. Sheila Johnson. Lady-in-Waiting. Arsenio Hall. Raymond D. Turner. T-Shirt Hawker. Billi Gordon. Large Woman.

Who was the dancer in Coming to America 2?

The comedy movie ‘Coming 2 America’, which premiered Friday on Amazon Prime features one of Mahoning Valley’s own. Youngstown native, Lindsay Renea, is a professional dancer, choreographer and expert in African Dance.

Where is Zamunda in Africa?

If you’re wondering where Zamunda is located, it’s a completely fictional African country. The story follows the story of Akeem portrayed by Murphy, the former prince in the first movie who is now the king of the fictional kingdom of Zamunda in Africa from the first movie.