Is the cast different in Ice Age Buck Wild?

Is the cast different in Ice Age Buck Wild?

My favorite scenes were the ones featuring the original cast; however, Sid, Manny, Diego and Ellie are all voiced by different actors and actresses — Jake Green (“The Troubles”), Sean Kenin (“The Smurfs”), Skyler Stone (“House Broken”) and Dominique Jennings (“Spawn”), respectively.

Why is Sid’s voice different in Buck Wild?

Sid the Sloth (Jake Green) Sadly, John Leguizamo is not behind the beloved voice of Sid in this movie. But Jake Green sounds pretty similar, lisp and all. Sid often adds comic relief to stressful situations that he is either unaware of or too aloof to realize.

Did Ice Age Buck Wild voice actor change?

While this may bring younger viewers into the fold, it loses some of its value for older generations. The only original voice actor that reprises his role for the film is Simon Pegg. Out of all the other characters’ new voices, the biggest change is Sid, who is now voiced by Jake Green in place of John Leguizamo.