What nationality are the actors of The Chosen?

What nationality are the actors of The Chosen?

His followers include a mix of ethnicities: Tamar, an Ethiopian woman (Amber Shana Williams); the quasi-autistic disciple Matthew, played by Paras Patel, a South Asian, and Israeli-born actor Shahar Isaac, who plays the disciple Peter.

What religion are The Chosen cast?

Latter-day Saint connections to ‘The Chosen’ “The Chosen” is distributed by partner Angel Studios, a streaming video company that was co-founded by brothers Neal and Jeffrey Harmon, who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Where are the actors from in The Chosen?

Of the 110-person crew that works on the show, 78 are from Texas. And 23 of the 54 season regulars are also Texans, Eves added. Crew and actors from outside the state stay in local hotels during production, and several producers from states like Illinois and Florida have bought homes in the state.

Who was Quintus in the Bible?

In The Chosen, Quintus (often referred to as “dominus,” that is, “lord” or “master”) is a Roman Praetor who governs the Roman forces in the city of Capernaum. His character is invented to serve as one of the main antagonists in Season 1.