Who is Savannah on The Circle?

Savannah Palacio is a social media influencer who appeared on The Circle season 2.

Is Savannah from The Circle Filipino?

Savannah Palacio: Ethnicity Savannah has both Mexican and Filipino heritage, but she was born and raised in the States. Palacio is a Spanish surname. It is derived from the Spanish word “palaciao,” meaning a “palace.” Savannah Palacio is currently based in Los, Angeles, California.

Are Savannah and Terilisha friends?

No, Savannah & I are not friends. I choose to not put my energy anywhere close to her.

How old is Savannah from The Circle?

Savannah is 24 years old on The Circle, but as she recently had a birthday, she’s now 25 years old in real life. According to Famous Birthdays, this beauty was born on March 16, 1996. She’s a Pisces and is from California.