Who is the girl on the closer HGTV?

Who is the girl on the closer HGTV?

Real-estate and renovation pro Lauren Risley, host of HGTV’s new series Call the Closer, shares some of her tips and secrets for success when it comes to a home purchase.

Is Lauren on the closer married?

October 25, 2019: Lauren Bushnell Lane and Chris Lane get married.

What happened to Call the Closer on HGTV?

Call the Closer Update: After discussions with the network, it’s been decided that last week’s episode will be the last episode of season one. To maximize potential of the show, HGTV is holding the last two episodes for a later date.

Who ended up being the leak on The Closer?

In season 7, it is revealed that Gabriel’s girlfriend is the mole feeding inside information about Major Crimes to defense attorney Peter Goldman.