How many kids Furrha family has?

Salem Furrha, who is Palestinian, was born in Kuwait. When he came to the US he first lived in Michigan before moving to California, where he now resides with his Palestinian-Lebanese wife, Samah, and their eight children.

What does the Furrha family do for a living?

He was raised in Ann Arbor Michigan as an Arab-American. After earning his Bachelor’s of Science in Industrial Engineering from Western Michigan University, Furrha opened up a coffee shop. A true entrepreneur, Furrha brought the new “cappuccino bar” to the east coast in Eastern Michigan. He later went into real estate.

How many daughters does Furrha have?

After they migrated to the US, his first residence was Michigan; after that, they moved to California. His wife is a native of Lebanon named Samah, and their eight kids, including 5 sons and 3 daughters.