How did Karen Carpenter pass away?

Early on the morning of February 4, 1983, while staying in her parents home in Downey, Karen suffered a deadly heart attack, brought on by the physiological stresses placed on her system by the disease whose name soon entered the public consciousness: anorexia nervosa. She was only 32 years old.

Did Richard Carpenter marry his cousin?

Personal life. In 1984, Carpenter married his adopted cousin (no blood relationship), Mary Rudolph. Her brother, Mark Rudolph, was the Carpenters’ road manager as well as the radio call-in “contestant” in the [Oldies] “Medley” on the album Now & Then (1973).

Did Karen Carpenter’s brother get married?

Is Richard Carpenter married and does he have children? In 1984, Richard married his adopted cousin (they have no blood relationship), Mary Rudolph.