Why does Tom Cruise have three front teeth?

Why does Tom Cruise have three front teeth?

How did Tom Cruise lose his front teeth? The famous actor chipped his front tooth when a flying puck hit him in a hockey match.

Does Tom Cruise have 3 front teeth?

Many have noticed that the 55-year-old actor’s right front tooth is just a tad askew, and has been widely referred to as his “middle tooth” for quite a while now. Tom has certainly put in the time and effort to achieve the smile he has today.

Did Tom Cruise get his front teeth fixed?

To fix Tom Cruise’s teeth, the actor had to go through many years of treatment to fix his smile. To get the perfect he currently has, Tom Cruise couldn’t opt directly for the Hollywood Smile procedure. Because Tom Cruise’s teeth were severely misaligned, he had to get braces first.