Which celebrities can speak Japanese?

Natalie Portman. According to some sources, this Oscar-winning actress is fluent in several languages, and also speaks some Japanese! Jon Heder. This Napoleon Dynamite star is a man of many talents. Gary Lineker. Scott Foley. Steven Seagal. Rivers Cuomo. Masi Oka. Mako.

Where did Elgort learn Japanese?

Speaking to Japanese outlet Cinema Today, actor detailed his preparation process. He studied Japanese every single day from the beginning of filming and continues to do so to this day. And we are not talking about some Duolingo exercises, but real 4-hours-a-day sessions with a professional tutor.

Does Tom Cruise speak Spanish?

The news: Tom Cruise was recently in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to promote his new film Valkyrie. He spoke to the audience with a few words in Spanish, saying ‘hola’ and ‘gracias’ in an attempt to endear himself to the local population.