Why did Tom and Jujimufu break up?

Why did Tom and Jujimufu break up?

(Grip Genie is Juji’s company that sells grip tools for working out.) Lots of people asking what happened, the current rumor is that Tom stole a significant amount of money from GripGenie, likely to fuel his gambling addiction.

Is Jujimufu Natural?

Final Verdict: Is Jon Call “Jujimufu” Natty? There is no clear evidence that Jon Call has been taking steroids from all the research I have done, but his muscle-building history is more in line with natural bodybuilding timelines.

How did Jujimufu get his name?

Today, Call is better known as Jujimufu—a nonsensical name he created in a fit of keyboard-bashing rage while trying to pick an AOL screen name as a teen—and the 5’11”, 230-pound beast is a rising fitness celebrity.