Is Yolanda still friends with any of the housewives?

Is Yolanda still friends with any of the housewives?

Over the rest of Yolanda’s time on the show, Erika stood by her side as she faced the difficulties of Lyme Disease. Even though Yolanda is no longer a part of the show, Erika mentioned in season 11 that she and Yolanda are still friends.

Who is Tom Girardi’s daughter?

But Law360 obtained unredacted court documents showing that Jacqueline Lira — who is Tom Girardi’s daughter and wife of former Girardi Keese lawyer David Lira — also received a share of the winnings. The assignment of money from a lottery jackpot is not entirely unusual.

How does Erika Jayne make money?

Erika has a successful singing career. 1 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart, according the Los Angeles Times. All in, she’s had nine No. 1 hits, which have definitely earned her some cash.

What did Brandi say about Yolanda?

“Unfortunately me and Yolanda. I’m actually really sad about this because I was such a good friend. Honestly such a good friend,” shared Brandi.” And I’ve read her book and I felt like she just kind of lumped me in with the other women.”