Who is winning fan favorite on Top Chef?

In the end, Garcia and Sarah Welch were bested by Buddha Lo, who was named Top Chef and went home with the $250,000 prize. Garcia, staying true to the classy demeanor that made her a fan favorite, feels she’s a winner too.

Who won fan favorite Top Chef: Portland?

Fan Favorite Winner Shota Nakajima’s Life After Top Chef Includes a New TV Gig (UPDATED) The cheftestant reveals what he wishes he made for the Season 18 finale and his plans to get into “more creative work” in the future.

Who won fan Favorite season 9 Top Chef?

Voted fan favorite during season nine of Bravo’s Top Chef, Chef Chris Crary went from executive restaurant chef to TV network personality–practically overnight. Though his life changed dramatically, his love for cooking and fresh California ingredients remained stronger than ever.

Who won fan favorite Top Chef 6?

The finale took place in Napa, California. Kevin Gillespie and brothers Bryan and Michael Voltaggio were finalists, with Michael Voltaggio winning the title of Top Chef. Kevin Gillespie, who finished third overall in the competition, was voted Fan Favorite.