What do you wear to Topgolf for a date?

What do you wear to Topgolf for a date?

If you’re going on a date to Topgolf, we recommend wearing something casual yet stylish. A great option is a pair of jeans with a simple t-shirt. What is this? Add a leather jacket or cardigan if it’s chilly, and don’t forget to wear closed-toe shoes!

Does Topgolf have a dress code?

Is There a Dress Code at TopGolf? There is not a dress code to hang out at Topgolf, and will not be like playing golf at a normal course. Depending on the time of year, you will see lots of shorts and tee shirts, along with comfortable clothing that will allow you to swing a golf club.

Is Topgolf a good place for a first date?

It is fun as a solo date or group date (in each bay up to 6 people can play at once!) You can dine there or get drinks while you play. You don’t need your own gear – they have it all there! You can play even if you aren’t any good at golf.

What to wear on a first date golfing?

There’s some traditional ones, such as mini-golf, bowling or going to a gig. When it comes to these types of dates, it’s usually better to air on the site of casual, while keeping everything sharp. Wearing a plain T-shirt, or polo shirt will keep your style simple and casual, but will not look sloppy.