Who was the oldest daughter in Lethal Weapon?

Who was the oldest daughter in Lethal Weapon?

Rianne Murtaugh, later known as Rianne Murtaugh-Butters, is the oldest daughter and child of Roger and Trish Murtaugh and the older sister of Nick and Carrie Murtaugh.

Who played Murtaghs daughter in Lethal Weapon?

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How old was Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon?

Mel Gibson was only thirty when the movie was filmed, although his character Riggs was supposed to be thirty-eight.

Who was the jumper in Lethal Weapon?

Michael Shaner is known for Lethal Weapon (1987), The Expert (1995) and Birdy (1984).

Who was pregnant on Lethal Weapon?

Natasha Belenko is a Russian immigrant, a waitress, and a witness to a murder assigned to be protected by Riggs and Murtaugh. She is two months pregnant with her unborn child. Something about that of Natasha reminds Riggs of his deceased wife who was pregnant at the time.

Who is the blonde girl in Lethal Weapon 2?

Patsy Kensit is an actress, known for Holby City (1999), Lethal Weapon 2 (1989) and Emmerdale (2006). She was previously married to Jeremy Healy, Liam Gallagher, Jim Kerr and Dan Donovan. She is portrayed as Rika Van Den Haas in Lethal Weapon 2.