Why was Ragnar Lothbrok written off?

Vikings season 4 did something that TV shows rarely do: it killed off its main character, Ragnar Lothbrok. The Vikings Ragnar death — execution by being dropped into a pit of venomous snakes — was lifted straight from the Viking sagas, and was necessary for the show to move on and to focus on his sons.

Does Travis Fimmel have scars on his face?

The TV star, who was sporting a bushy beard, was clearly displaying a large pink scar on his right cheek. He appeared in good spirits at the event on Tuesday evening, smiling for the cameras.

What is Travis Fimmel doing now?

EXCLUSIVE: Vikings, Raised By Wolves and Warcraft star Travis Fimmel has been set to lead new mystery-drama series Black Snow, which is underway in Australia for streamer Stan. The six-part series follows the mystery of a small-town murder that rocked North Queensland’s Australian South Sea Islander community.