Who is the best character in Gotham?

Who is the best character in Gotham?

8/10 Nightwing. 7/10 Penguin. 6/10 Batgirl. 5/10 Harley Quinn. 4/10 Robin. 3/10 Mr. Freeze. 2/10 Red Hood. 1/10 The Court Of Owls.

Is Gotham connected to Batman?

Gotham is an American superhero crime drama television series developed by Bruno Heller, produced by Warner Bros. Television and based on characters from the Batman mythos in comic books published by DC Comics.

Who is the main villain in Gotham?

Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot (born Kapelput), also known as the Penguin, is the main antagonist of the DC comics TV series Gotham.

Is Harley Quinn in Gotham?

For the 2021 Infinite Frontier relaunch, Harley Quinn is moved back to Gotham City as a superheroine, where she frequently interacts with and aids the Batman family, and she is given a new design by Riley Rossmo.

Who is the true king of Gotham?

He also instigates a mob war at the end of season one in which Maroni and Mooney are killed and Falcone is forced to leave town, leaving Cobblepot “the King of Gotham”.

Who are the five families of Gotham?

The five founding families, the Waynes, the Cobblepots, the Elliots, the Arkhams, and the Kanes, are extremely powerful and popular, with each family bringing a new industry into Gotham City.