Where is Patrick Sharp doing now?

Where is Patrick Sharp doing now?

After his retirement as a player, Sharp joined NBC Sports and later TNT as an analyst. He works with NBC Sports Chicago to provide color commentary for Blackhawks broadcasts. Sharp was also a member of the University of Vermont coaching staff in 2021.

Who does Patrick Sharp work for?

A former Canadian professional Ice hockey player, Patrick Sharp, works as an analyst for NBC Sports and TNT. In the 2022-23 NHL season, Patrick Sharp and Troy Murray were chosen as the two new color analysts by the Blackhawks to split analyst duties on NBC Sports Chicago.

Is Patrick Sharp a Canadian?

Patrick Sharp (born December 27, 1981) is a former Canadian professional ice hockey centre. He played for the Dallas Stars of the National Hockey League (NHL) for 15 seasons.

Why did Patrick Sharp get traded?

Sharp wanted to explore other opportunities where he could get more of a chance to prove himself. The Flyers were trying to make the playoffs and Chicago was a young team. He had more of a chance to play there than he did Philadelphia. Looking back on the trade and what it produced will hurt.

What is Adam Burish doing now?

He is currently an analyst covering Blackhawks games on NBC Sports Chicago.

Is Patrick Sharp in the Hall of Fame?

He was a very important member of a team that won a lot of hockey games and even three Stanley Cups but he is not a Hall of Fame player. There are a lot of Blackhawks fans that wear rose-colored glasses when it comes to the Hall of Fame.