Where is Arcángel parents from?

Where is Arcángel parents from?

Early life. Arcangel was born in New York City to Dominican parents. He and his family moved to Puerto Rico and after turning 12, and then began moving back and forth between New York City and Puerto Rico. He grew up in Villa Palmeras, Santurce, Puerto Rico.

Where is Badbunny from?

Bad Bunny

Is Omar Apollo Spanish?

Early life. Born to Mexican parents who immigrated to the US from Guadalajara, first-generation Omar Apollo grew up in Hobart, Indiana with his three older siblings. Apollo’s parents both worked multiple jobs to support the family. His family is from the Mexican city of Guadalajara, Jalisco.

What happened to Arcángel?

Throughout the past year, the rapper has been dealing with heart problems, and now has revealed that he could be also having problems with his brain. “For a year I have been battling with a sick heart and now a supposed stain on my brain,” he wrote on Instagram, along with a photo of himself getting a brain scan.

Where is Ghostluvme from?

With a unique style and a mesmerising lyrical aptitude, rapper/singer Ghostluvme from Broward County, Florida, is poised to take the hip-hop world by storm.

Where is lattz from?

The most humble rapper is of Angolan heritage and was originally born in Portugal in a small yet rough area known as Vale Da Amoreira.