Where is Becca from The Bachelorette from?

Where is Becca from The Bachelorette from?

Kufrin was born in Benson, Minnesota, and raised in Prior Lake, Minnesota, the daughter of Jill and Steve Kufrin.

Where do Becca and Thomas live?

As Bachelor Nation fans know, newly engaged lovebirds Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs just bought their first home together in San Diego, California. Last month, the couple shared photos in front of their house with a “SOLD” sign, and Becca wrote, “Officially co-home owners!

Where does Becca from The Bachelor live?

Bachelor nation’s Becca Kufrin and her fiancé Thomas Jacobs are now homeowners. See the couple in front of their new California home below. Becca Kufrin is moving from roses to homes. On July 15, the former Bachelorette star shared that she and fiancé Thomas Jacobs purchased a house together in San Diego, Calif.

How much does Becca Kufrin get paid?

Becca Kufrin — At Least $200,000.

Are Becca and Blake friends?

“Blake and I have always been friends, we’ve always been very supportive of one another,” she said. Though the two have kept in touch since their time on the show, Becca maintains that their friendship was “nothing that I would say would warrant – a potential relationship.”

How did Becca and JoJo meet?

JoJo Fletcher and Becca Tilley first met on Season 20 of “The Bachelor.” The two were both vying for Ben Higgins’ heart, and while neither of them ended up with Ben, they still found love on the show.