Where did Craig Robinson grow up?

Where did Craig Robinson grow up?

Robinson was born on October 25, 1971, in Chicago, Illinois, to a music teacher mother and an attorney father. He was raised on the South Side of Chicago, and was brought up Methodist. He attended Whitney M. Young Magnet High School.

Who is the black actor in the Pizza Hut commercial?

Craig Robinson goes waaay back in Pizza Hut campaign Reel 360 News.

Where does Craig Robinson live now?

It’s a blessedly long way from Dunder Mifflin and the mean streets of Scranton, Pennsylvania, but prolific actor/comedian Craig Robinson (“Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” Darryl Philbin in “The Office“) has splashed out $2.6 million for an all-new, Michael Scott-free home in L.A.’s suburban neighborhood of Tarzana.

Is Craig Robinson a vegan?

Craig Robinson Lost 50 Lbs. By Going Vegan and Cutting Out Alcohol: ‘It Was Much Easier Than I Thought’.

Are Craig Robinson and Adam Scott friends?

Turns out, not so much for Adam Scott and Craig Robinson, whose friendship mettle was put to the test in the latest installment of our quiz series “Do I Know You?” Watch as the prolific acting pals — whose sci-fi comedy.

Does Daryl from The Office actually play the piano?

In fact, whenever you see him playing piano in commercials and episodes of “The Office,” that’s really him. Now the stand-up comedian, who lives in Los Angeles, travels the country headlining venues and festivals where he combines his comedy and piano skills in both solo acts and with his band, The Nasty Delicious.