Where did Illenium grow up?

Where did Illenium grow up?

Illenium, aka Nick Miller, was born in Chicago, but has spent time in San Francisco and Denver. Both of Miller’s adopted hometowns proved to be crucial to his development as an artist.

Is Illenium from Denver?

Denver based Nick Miller, better known by his stage name ILLENIUM, has won the hearts of dance music aficionados worldwide through his captivating remixes and enthralling original productions.

Where does the name Illenium come from?

First question, why the name “Illenium”? “It was just a word I chose honestly. The actual meaning behind my music is the phoenix symbol. Like rising from the ashes, kind of telling the story of journey, which speaks to my personal like because I found music at bad time in my life and it brought me out of that.”

Is Illenium American?

Nicholas Daniel Miller (born December 26, 1990), professionally known as Illenium, is an American DJ, record producer, and songwriter. He has released four studio albums, his most recent being Fallen Embers, released in July 2021.

Why are people mad at Illenium?

Some EDM fans have called Illenium “racist” for several tweets that recently resurfaced from 2015. One tweet was in response to fellow dance music producer Said the Sky, and another in response to Paws, another musician.

What are Illenium fans called?

His fan base “Illenials” all wore Illenium merch including jerseys from all his shows throughout his career.