Why is Morgan Stewart not on Daily Pop anymore?

Why is Morgan Stewart not on Daily Pop anymore?

“It was a very hard decision,” the California native said. “But this time I was pregnant for so long, I want to enjoy the mornings with my babies while they’re still babies.”

Why is Hunter leaving Nightly Pop?

Hunter March is reacting to the news that his E! show Nightly Pop has been canceled by the cable network after four years. The television host found out that the late-night show was ending after undergoing spine surgery.

Why is Loni Love leaving Daily Pop?

daytime talk show Daily Pop featuring Justin and former The Real co-host Loni Love. According to the outlet, the decision to drop Daily Pop and its evening counterpart, Nightly Pop, from the lineup was due to the company restructuring.

How old is Morgan Stewart from Daily Pop?

Everything to know about Daily Pop host Morgan Stewart’s children. Morgan continued: “I just feel like this time is so short, and I just want to be there to say good morning to my babies.” The 34-year-old made sure fans felt her love and told them: “I’ve gotten all of your messages and I so appreciate it.

Is Morgan Stewart coming back to TV?

After giving birth to her second baby, a son named Grey, in February, Morgan Stewart announced she would not be coming back to host E!’s show “Daily Pop.” TV has been a natural fit for Stewart, who says she loves pop culture and has a personality for it.

Is Daily Pop Cancelled 2022?

But the cohost was shocked last week when the network announced it was canceling Nightly Pop and its sister program, the daytime series Daily Pop. “The news was unexpected for both shows.