What happened to Eric Weddle?

What happened to Eric Weddle?

Eric Weddle to coach high school football at Rancho Bernando in San Diego after second NFL retirement.

Why did Eric Weddle retire?

After nine seasons with the Chargers, he spent three in Baltimore before landing with the Rams in 2019. Weddle retired after the 2019 season, believing his shot at that elusive Super Bowl title was out the window after 13 seasons coming up short.

What did Weddle say about Chargers?

“I want to thank the Chargers for drafting me and I also want to thank old Tom Telesco for the way things ended there, and showing me the light, and giving me that motivation and that fire,” Weddle said.

Will Eric Weddle get a Super Bowl ring?

So — 15 years after coming to San Diego as a second-round draft pick — Weddle will be getting a blue-and-gold-trimmed Super Bowl ring, only with the Rams.

What does yellow QB mean in Weddle?

Yellow boxes indicate you’re nearing the answer while green means you’re on the money. Weddle is the NFL take on Wordle Weddle/screenshot Former safety Eric Weddle shares the same name as the buzzy game Getty Images.

What does yellow division mean in Weddle?

Like with the original Wordle game, a yellow box means the guess is nearing the right answer and a green box indicates a correct guess. An even harder version is on the way. Weddle. · Mar 30, 2022.