Where is LC now from Love Is Blind?

Fans of Love Is Blind will be thrilled to know that LC started a podcast recently. She and her friend Tiffany Danielle host a podcast called “Permission To Enter” and episodes are released on Thursdays.

Did LC and Mark Date Love Is Blind?

After Love is Blind, Mark dated Lauren Chamblin, aka LC Mark and LC reportedly began dating once the series ended – she said during a confessional in After the Altar that he slid into her DMs once filming had wrapped.

Is LC from Love Is Blind still single?

Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton Relationship status: They are still together. They spoke about being madly in love in their “After the Altar” special and they gush about their relationship on Instagram.

Is Mark still single?

In September 2021, Jessica announced that she was engaged to Benjamin, eloping in August 2022. Mark, for his part, started dating Aubrey Rainey. They got engaged in November 2020 and share two sons. In September 2022, the pair tied the knot in Ohio with their little ones serving as ring bearers.