Who is Marc Anthony currently with?

Who is Marc Anthony currently with?

The happy couple welcomed to their household a new furry baby named Blue. Five months ago, Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira announced their engagement, and their fans have been waiting anxiously to know all the details of their upcoming wedding.

Is Nadia Ferreira engaged to Marc Anthony?

Marc Anthony is engaged! The 53-year-old singer is set to tie the knot with Nadia Ferreira, a 23-year-old model who finished as the first runner-up at Miss Universe 2021.

How many ex wives does Marc Anthony have?

Marc Anthony has been married thrice before To date, Marc has been married a total of three times. He was first romantically linked to Puerto-Rican actress Dayanara Torres and he ended up getting hitched to her.

Are Marc Anthony and JLo still friends?

Marc Anthony has remained close to Jennifer Lopez following their divorce in 2011, and the pair are doting co-parents to twins Emme and Max.

Why does Marc Anthony have 3 crosses on his neck?

One of Marc most recent tattoos is of three crosses on his neck. This religious symbol is one of the oldest of mankind. The vertical and horizontal lines represent father and mother nature and wearing three crosses symbolizes the day of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion.

What nationality is Nadia Ferreira?

Nadia Ferreira