Who is Mat Gaetz father?

Matt Gaetz

Where did Don Gaetz get his money?

Shortly after receiving his Master’s degree, Gaetz worked in Jacksonville as a hospital administrator, and lobbied the legislature to create hospice care programs for the dying. In 1983, Gaetz founded VITAS Healthcare Corporation with a group of investors, which he later sold for nearly half a billion dollars in 2004.

Is Gaetz a German surname?

Gaetz Coat of Arms, Family Crest & History 11×17 Print – Name Meaning Plus Genealogy, Family Tree Research – Surname Origin: Germany/German.

What is the origin of the name Gaetz?

German (Gätz): variant of Gade .

Who was Gaetz Red Deer?

Beau Gaetz, of Red Deer, was one of these men. He was a rancher, trapper and guide, teaming up with Fred Brewster, a well-known outfitter out of Banff. Beau’s adventurous and lively nature made him an ideal guide.

Where is Matt Gaetz district in FL?

The district is anchored in Pensacola and also includes the large military bedroom communities and tourist destinations of Navarre and Fort Walton Beach and stretches along the Emerald Coast. The district is currently represented by Republican Matt Gaetz.