Are Peyton and Taela still together?

The Wayne actor disclosed in an Instagram post in October 2021 that he had married Taela. He added that he had never been a fan of the concept of marriage, saying that he had millions of reasons to never get married, but all he needed was one reason to conquer all the reasons, and that was Taela.

Is Peyton List in a relationship?

At the time, they were both Disney stars, with List starring on the hit Disney Channel series Jessie, and Bertrand on the Disney XD series Kirby Buckets. “We’ve been friends for a while,” Bertrand told TMZ when he first confirmed their relationship in March 2022.

Are Rowan and Peyton dating?

They are reffered to as “Peytowan”. Peyton and Rowan play love interests on the show. They are very close on and off screen. It is currently rumored that they are dating, however, they are not due to 3 years apart age difference.