Who is preppy claws under the mask?

Emily Dobson Is Preppy Claws | TikTok Search.

Who is Baby preppy claws on TikTok?

baby preppy claws lily ketchman | TikTok Search.

What does preppy mean TikTok?

What does preppy mean on TikTok? Per Merriam-Webster dictionary, a preppy (noun) is defined as “a student at or a graduate of a preparatory school” or “a person deemed to dress or behave like a preppy.”

Is Preppy claws a boy or girl?

But considering they referred to themselves as ‘Ms Claws’ in one of their videos, we assume Preppy Claws is female. Preppy Claws describes herself as a “Skel/Eton” on TikTok, whatever that means, and, “Just a skeleton who loves to dance and put smiles on peoples faces,” in her YouTube description.