Is Ronin and Hawkeye the same?

Ronin, a masked vigilante who tracks down and slaughters criminals, is the alias Hawkeye uses in Avengers: Endgame after he loses his family in Thanos’ universe-altering snap. The film never actually outright refers to Barton as “Ronin”, but he wears the character’s outfit and mask in the movie.

Is Marvel Ronin a villain?

In the comics, Ronan started out as somewhat of a straight villain. Since the events of Annihilation, the character is portrayed as a harsh but honorable anti-hero in a similar vein of Judge Dredd. He even became a member of a group of space heroes called the Annihilators. Ronan is often mispronounced as Ronin.

Why did Hawkeye turn into Ronin?

Clint Barton became Ronin not long after Echo gave up the identity, choosing to take on the Ronin guise to reflect his trauma and disillusionment as an Avenger.

Is Ronin a hero or villain?

Since the identity first appeared in Brian Michael Bendis and David Finch’s original New Avengers series, Ronin – a name which denotes a masterless samurai – has been used as a force for good and evil. While most famously used by Hawkeye in the MCU, the Ronin identity has been taken up by several heroes and villains.