Is Sacred Riana a real person?

Who is the Woman Behind the Act? The Sacred Riana was actually born Marie Antoinette Riana Graharani in Indonesia. If you’re wondering why her terrifying presence on stage seems a little familiar, it’s because her character is a reference to the classic Japanese horror film, The Ring.

Why does Riana twitch?

According to old stories, a little girl spirit inhabited Riani The Doll. The spirit causes Riana’s head to twitch as the little girl spirit pulls on her hand. Riana’s hands repeatedly shake when on stage as she tries to reject Riani as she attempts to pull and hold her hand.

Why did sacred Riana get cut off?

It turns out that cut to the commercial break was planned from the get-go. According to documents from the show’s crew that were leaked online (and have since been taken down) the abrupt ending to Riana’s performance was 100% intentional.

What is real story of Riana?

Her full real name is Marie Antoinette Riana Graharani and she started practicing magic when she was still a child. With the help of her father, who is himself a magician, she became a highly skilled magician and developed a unique stage persona. In real life, Riana is just a normal girl.