Who is Teddy’s wife from Black Ink?

Who is Teddy’s wife from Black Ink?

Meet Euni, Teddy’s gorgeous wife. Teddy tied the knot quietly with a Korean beauty by the first name of Euni, and even posted some pictures of her up on his page—though he quietly deleted those when the rumor mill became too much to handle. However, Teddy has not denied the fact that he’s married.

Is Teddy from Black Ink still with his girlfriend?

Who is Teddy Ruks’ wife? Teddy quietly got married to a Korean Instagram model known as Euni.

What is Teddy from Black Ink real name?

Teddy Ruks, born Shariff Homer on January 26, 1983, is an American tattoo artist and assistant manager. The talented tattoo artist and manager was born in Harlem, New York. His rise in the world of tattooing and how it was that his charm put him in the hearts of all the audience of “Black Inc.

Is Teddy from Black Ink in True to the Game 2?

Cease also revealed that Teddy wrapped up his first acting gig recently. He landed a role in “True 2 the Game 2.”

Did Donna and Alex break up?

They reportedly split in January 2022 They moved in together and have been inseparable ever since. However, she and shop boss Ceaser Emanuel didn’t get along, and Alex continually found himself stuck in the middle.

What is Teddy RUKS net worth?

As Teddy is a popular reality TV star, artist, and businessman, it’s no wonder he has racked up his net worth over the years. As of 2022, Teddy Ruk’s net worth is estimated at around $4 million.