What is Valentina Pinault famous for?

What is Valentina Pinault famous for?

Valentina Paloma Rinault Hayek was born famous. The daughter of Salma Hayek and François Henri Pinault came into the world in September 2007, after the world learned of the Mexican actress’s pregnancy in March of the same year. Her birth was highly anticipated, and she has been photographed many times.

What language does Valentina Pinault speak?

She is trilingual Growing up in a trilingual household — Hayek was born in Mexico and Pinault in France — Valentina spoke French, Spanish and English with her family.

Who owns Gucci Hayek?

Pinault is the CEO of the luxury fashion group Kering, home to brands such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Balenciaga. Hayek even praised her man for his hard work and incredible work-life balance.

How is Valentina Pinault rich?

Her dad’s a billionaire, and that makes Valentina Paloma Pinault one of the richest kids ever. More than a decade ago, Salma Hayek was one of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities. She played tons of different characters in diverse roles, and made the front cover of tons of glamorous magazines.

Does Salma speak French?

So, long story short. How many languages does Salma Hayek speak? Two, Spanish and English. However, despite she has been married to Pinault since 2009, she has admitted that she still does not handle the French language very well.

Where is Salma Hayek’s accent from?

Salma Hayek’s Mexican accent stalled her career. The Latina beauty is proud of her heritage, but admits she had a hard time in Hollywood when she first moved to America aged 22, because she could only get small roles as maids or prostitutes.