Who plays MJ in Spider-Man?

Who plays MJ in Spider-Man?

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Who played the best MJ in Spider-Man?

And as we in the audience learn more about her character, we get to appreciate even more just how awesome she truly is. Despite the fact that she has become more of a crowd favorite with each new installment, calling Zendaya’s MJ the best ever can be a contentious statement to many Spider-Man fans out there.

Who has played Spider-Man the most?

1 of 27. Tobey Maguire. Sony, Columbia. 2 of 27. Andrew Garfield. Sony, Columbia. 3 of 27. Tom Holland. Sony, Columbia. 4 of 27. Nicholas Hammond. Columbia. 5 of 27. Shinji Todo. Toei Company. 6 of 27. Jake Johnson. 7 of 27. Nicolas Cage. 8 of 27. Chris Pine.

Why is MCU MJ not Mary Jane?

There seems to be three reasons. Sony seemed to want to keep Mary Jane back incases the deal with Disney soured. They could then use Mary Jane in Peter’s new solo adventures. They wanted Peter’s love interest to be linked to a villain, they didn’t want to “screw with” Mary Jane to do.

Why did Marvel change MJ name?

According to Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige, the nickname MJ is just a fun homage to the beloved Mary Jane Watson character. And thank goodness Zendaya isn’t actually Mary Jane — because Michelle is already better, and she’s the character they need to make a third Spider-Man film series work. “You guys are losers.”

Why did they change MJ in Spider-Man?

If you mean that MJ is different in Homecoming and Far From Home than she has been in other Spider-Man iterations, then yes, she’s very different. The creative team didn’t set out to make a new Mary-Jane, they just set out to make a character who was very loosely inspired by her but mostly wholly unique to the MCU.