Who does Jimmy get shot by?

Who does Jimmy get shot by?

In the two-part episode, Rick Murray (Ephraim Ellis), ostracized after he physically abused his girlfriend in the previous season, brings a gun to school and shoots and paralyzes Jimmy Brooks (Aubrey Graham), when a prank pulled on Rick is blamed on Jimmy.

Does Jimmy find out why he got shot?

They remained friends all throughout their time at Degrassi Community School until Eye of the Tiger when Jimmy finds out Spinner is one of the reasons why he got shot and Jimmy ends their friendship and despises him for the majority of Season 5.

What episode does Rick shoot Jimmy?

12. When Rick Shoots Jimmy. After years of being bullied, Rick (Ephraim Ellis) finally loses it and brings a gun to school in an episode called “Time Stands Still,” which is one of the best of the entire series. In an incredibly tense moment, Rick approaches Jimmy at his locker, gun in hand, after a prank gone wrong.

In what episode of Degrassi does Jimmy get shot?

In the two-part episode “Time Stands Still,” Jimmy (played by Drake) gets shot in the back by a student who’d been severely bullied throughout the season.

How many people did Rick shoot in Degrassi?

Rick is one of the 4 characters in Degrassi history to shoot someone. Rick shot Jimmy, Claude shot himself, Chris shot Spinner and Vince shot Adam and Damon.

Does Jimmy ever walk again in Degrassi?

That’s where Jimmy was a basketball star until he was shot in the back by a classmate. It’s where he met his fiancée Trina in physical therapy. It’s where he gets stem cell surgery which allows him to walk with crutches at graduation.