Who was 2pacs Favourite actor?

1. Tupac and Jim Carrey. When Tupac was in prison, Jim Carrey reportedly used to write funny letters to the rapper in an attempt to cheer him up. The comedian was rumoured to be Pac’s favourite actor.

Who was Tupac’s nemesis?

But the biggest difference between Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls: They represented different coasts. What exploded into arguably the biggest rivalry in music history, ended up in the death of both artists, just as their careers were skyrocketing.

Did Tupac know Jim Carrey?

One unlikely person who supported him was Carrey, who allegedly reached out to Tupac while he was inside on multiple occasions. During this isolating time, he became a close confidante, and the two grew close. The letters were humorous and intended to offer the rapper a slice of light relief while he was locked up.

Who was 2pac influenced by?

Tupac took a lot of early inspiration from the politically-charged music of Public Enemy and Ice Cube. He also studied theatre as a teenager at the Baltimore School of Performing Arts, and was inspired by Shakespeare.