Why is Faye staying with Fez?

Why is Faye staying with Fez?

As we know, Faye has been staying with Fez and Ashtray in an attempt to evade the police, after she allegedly pushed the motel manager off the balcony. This is what lead to Custer stuffing her in an air vent, and eventually asking Fez to take care of her.

Who is fairy Faye in Euphoria?

Chloe Cherry joined the ‘Euphoria’ Season 2 cast as Faye, a drug addict living with Fez.

Who did Faye push in Euphoria?

At the start of season two, Faye pushes her and Custer’s motel manager off a balcony, so Custer stuffs her in a vent before bringing her to Fez’s in an effort to evade the police.

What’s the deal with Faye in Euphoria?

Faye was in a relationship with Custer before his death. A likely customer of his and supplier for her heroin, she went with him to dealing, with one instance on New Year’s at Laurie resulting in her being put in danger and forced to strip to show she was not wearing a wire.

Did Faye betray Fez?

‘Euphoria’ Season 2: Chloe Cherry Talks Faye Betraying Fez, Says She Doesn’t Know ‘Which Side to Be On’

Is Faye in love with Fez?

Everyone ships Fezco and Lexi in Euphoria season 2 but what about Faye and Fezco? Chloe Cherry has revealed that Faye is in love with Fezco in Euphoria season 2 and jealous that he loves Lexi instead of her.