Why is Dev different in season 2 of The A List?

Why is Dev different in season 2 of The A List?

Jacob Dudman, who played Dev in the first season, has been recast with Barnaby Tobias now portraying Mia’s love interest. Dudman can now be seen acting in two other Netflix properties—as Thomas Price in The Stranger and Sam Harvey in Fate: The Winx Saga.

Is Jacob Dudman in season 2 of The A List?

However, Lisa’s character’s on-screen love interest, Dev, is played by a different actor for Season 2. Jacob Dudman, who currently plays Sam Harvey on another Netflix series, Fate: The Winx Saga, did not return to The A List for the second season. Relative acting newcomer Barnaby Tobias is instead appearing as Dev.

Where is Jacob Dudman from?

Jacob Dudman

Does Mia end up with Dev in The A List?

Mia was queen of the party and crowned Peregrine hunk Dev (Jacob Dudman) king. That night, they became an official couple.