Why is Bradshaw wearing a cap?

Why is Bradshaw wearing a cap?

Bradshaw was not deterred; but he was acutely aware that he was a potential target, and for this reason took to wearing body armour beneath his scarlet judicial robes, and a steel-reinforced, wide-brimmed, velvet-covered, bullet-proof hat to protect him against would-be assassins.

What is on Bradshaw’s face?

Merkle cell carcinoma is described by the Mayo Clinic as “a rare type of skin cancer that usually appears as a flesh-colored or bluish-red nodule, often on your face, head or neck. Merkel cell carcinoma is also called neuroendocrine carcinoma of the skin.”

Why is Bradshaw with a cane?

‘ An operation on the elbow in March 1983 kept the Louisiana Tech graduate out of all but the final game of the NFL season last year. In that game, Bradshaw reinjured the elbow.

What did Bradshaw say to Erin Andrews?

Andrews, after the segment, asked the FOX staff about the first time they got to ride a horse. Bradshaw answered that he first mounted a horse at the age of 3, and then proceeded to compliment Andrews on her boots and her shirt, fumbling through the words “you’re looking good. That was nice. I enjoyed that interview.”