How is Thanos’s brother an Eternal?

How is Thanos’s brother an Eternal?

While they originated from Earth’s humanoids, Eternals evolved in a wholly different manner, and through history, they established a colony in Titan, one of Saturn’s moons. In other words, Titanians are just a branch of the Eternals in comic books. So, Starfox is a Titanian and an Eternal, just like his brother Thanos.

Why Thanos brother isn’t purple?

That’s why Thanos looks like a giant purple guy; Thanos’ Deviant gene deformed his appearance. On the other hand, Eros looks like a regular human, just like other Eternals, because they belong to the same evolutionary path.

Is Thanos related to humans?

No, he’s not human. If you want his back story in a massive amount of detail, read the 2013 5-issue miniseries ‘Thanos Rising’. It’s literally the story from his birth to becoming the Mad Titan. Originally Answered: Thanos’ ancestors, the Eternals, were born on Earth 750,000 years ago.

Why is Starfox brother of Thanos?

Eros, also known as Starfox, is a member of the genetically-engineered Eternals. Created by Arishem the Judge in the World Forge, he was stationed on Titan, joining the royal family as a prince and becoming the adoptive brother of Thanos.

Why is Eros human?

Eros and the rest of the Eternals look human because they’re offshoots of Homo sapiens; Thanos, unfortunately, was afflicted with the Deviant Syndrome that transformed his look into something more akin to the Deviants and Deviant Skrulls (such as the indented lines on his face).

Is Starfox more powerful than Thanos?

Starfox was not in the same class as Hulk, Thor, or Thanos. So despite having plenty of raw power, it was never enough for him to overpower his brother on his own.