Why didn’t Kim Cattrall do the reboot?

Why didn’t Kim Cattrall do the reboot?

When she was asked to do a third “Sex and the City” film, Cattrall made it clear that she was never going to play Jones again. She noted that she didn’t want to “compromise what the show was to” her and she also wanted to take on different roles as a “character actress.”

Why isn’t Kim Cattrall doing And Just Like That?

Miranda’s son certainly factored into Kim Cattrall’s disillusionment with the franchise, she told Variety in her first public comments about the reboot. Cattrall wasn’t impressed with the proposed script for a third Sex and the City movie, and declined to participate in it.

Why is Samantha not on And Just Like That?

Samantha’s absence on the show was handled delicately enough: a falling out with Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), and an eventual move from New York to London explained why Samantha was no longer a part of the foursome on the show, and publicly, Cattrall had said that she no longer had plans to portray Jones …

Are Kim Cattrall and SJP friends?

When asked whether she was friends with her co-stars, Cattrall said they have “never been friends.” She also addressed the rumors that the third movie didn’t happen because she was acting like a diva and asking for more money.

Who is replacing Kim Cattrall?

Ari Parker, known for starring in the acclaimed series Empire as well as Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights, will reportedly replace Cattrall as the fourth member of the New York friend group.

Why did Carrie and Samantha fall out?

Instead (warning: spoilers ahead), viewers learned that Cattrall’s character Samantha and Parker’s character Carrie had a falling out after Carrie fired Samantha as her publicist.