Are Shannon and Kelly Dodd still friends?

Are Shannon and Kelly Dodd still friends?

I’m not really sure when it happened or why, but Shannon Beador and Kelly Dodd are friends. The two butted heads plenty during their time on Real Housewives of Orange County but it looks like those days are over. Despite Kelly constantly attacking Shannon’s current costars, Shannon seems to be quite cozy with Kelly.

What happened between Kelly Dodd and Vicki?

Vicki and Kelly became fast friends after the latter joined the series for season 11, but their relationship became strained during season 13 after Kelly accused Vicki and Vicki’s boyfriend, Steve Lodge, of playing matchmaker for her ex-husband, Michael Dodd.

What is Kelly Dodds net worth?

CelebrityNetWorth estimates her net worth to be a cool $10 million. While those checks from Bravo certainly contribute, most of Kelly’s money seems to come from her previous marriage.

How much spousal support did don get from Vicki?

Gunvalson received $886,459 from the couple’s divided assets, whereas Donn ended up with $633,058. Gulvalson was later ordered to repay $95,000 to her ex after she “mistakenly” withdrew the money from his account.

Did Vicki have to pay Don spousal support?

While neither Vicki or Donn has to pay the other spousal support (although it could be requested if one has a significant change in income), they are both leaving their marriage with some pretty padded pockets. Houses and cars and 401Ks, oh my! CLICK THE CONTINUE READING BUTTON FOR MORE!

Did Don get spousal support from Vicki?

The Real Housewives Of Orange County star was awarded nearly $1 million in assets as part of the deal, according to court documents obtained by. Neither Vicki, 51, nor her insurance agent ex will receive spousal support, unless there is a change is either party’s income.