Who is the Naveen wife?

Who is the Naveen wife?

He gained millions of followers across the Telugu states with his acting skills. Naveen Chandra maintains his personal life privately and he never disclosed about his married life. But, on Valentine’s Day he surprised everyone by sharing the picture of his wife Orma.

What is the age of Naveen Chandra?

Naveen Chandra was born on December 2, 1988 in Bellary, Karnataka, India.

Who is Naveen hero?

Naveen Chandra is an Indian actor who predominantly acts in Telugu films. He starred in the Telugu romance film Andala Rakshasi (2012) and won critical acclaim for his performance, before playing leading roles in Tamil films.

What is Naveen name?

Naveen or Navin (Sanskrit: नवीन, Tamil: நவீன், IAST: navīna; meaning “new”, “fresh”, “young”, “bright”, “creative”) is an Indian given name and surname.

What happened to Naveen?

Indian student Naveen, who was killed in Ukraine’s Kharkiv, went outside his bunker when he came under shelling, his friend told India Today. Naveen, an Indian medical student, was killed in Russian shelling in Ukraine’s Kharkiv on Tuesday.

Is Chandra Lakshman married?

She is married to actor Tosh Christy. She gave birth to a Boy on October 2022.