Is Patrick Wayne still married?

Following the death of his elder brother Michael in 2003, Patrick Wayne became Chairman of the John Wayne Cancer Institute. Divorced in 1978 from Peggy Hunt, he is married (since 1999) to Misha Anderson.

Do Patrick and Ethan Wayne have the same mother?

Patrick is the older brother to his half-brother Ethan. Although they shared the famous actor as their father, both had different mothers. Patrick’s mother was Wayne’s first wife, Josephine Alicia Saenz. Ethan’s mom was Pilar Pallete, Wayne’s third wife.

How much did John Wayne’s kids inherit?

John and $30,000 to his secretary at the time of his death, Pat Stacy. Wayne had seven children. He left them each $5,000 multiplied by their age at the time of his death minus 21. His eldest son, Michael, who was then 44, thus got $115,000.

Did John Wayne go to Elvis funeral?

John Wayne was famously at Elvis’ funeral in 1977, just two years before his own death.