Who is Vivek’s wife?


Who is Arul Selvi?

Arulselvi Is A Practicing Pediatrician With An Experience Of 18 Years.

Is Cell Murugan related to Vivek?

Cell Murugan is a close friend and manager of Actor Vivek.

Is Vivek an Indian name?

Vivek (or Bibek/Bivek in some regions) (विवेक in Devanagari script) is a masculine given name that is popular in South Asia, particularly in India and Nepal. It is of Sanskrit origin and means “wisdom” and/or “conscience”. Vivek may refer to: Vivek (actor) (1961–2021), Indian Tamil film actor.

Who is Sukumarans first wife?

Personal life. Sukumaran married actress Mallika Sukumaran on 17 October 1978.

Who is Arul Raj?

Arul Raj is an Indian music director seen in Tamil film industry. He made his debut as music director in the 2011 movie Oru Sandippil. He has also worked in movies like Kurumbukara Pasanga (2013) and Slumdog Kodisvaran.