What ethnicity is Filthy Frank?

George Kusunoki Miller (ジョージ・楠木・ミラー, Jōji Kusunoki Mirā, born 18 September 1992), known professionally as Joji and formerly as Filthy Frank and Pink Guy, is a Japanese singer-songwriter, rapper, comedian, and former YouTuber.

Why did Joji stop being Filthy Frank?

Joji says he didn’t feel progression and got caught up in vices. “As stuck people do, I was indulging in vices and just drinking a lot,” Joji says. “It got to the point where I was just showing up to the sets and the PAs knew there had to be a six-pack of beer there.”

Does Joji have problems?

What health condition does he have? Joji has been vocal about his health condition from the star. As per PopBuzz, the singer has an undisclosed neurological disorder and had even opened up about getting stress-induced seizures that ultimately led him to quit his YouTube career.

What are Joji fans called?

Jojo Siwa fans are called the “Siwanatorz”.