Is Wild Earth dog food still in business?

Is Wild Earth dog food still in business?

The company has massively grown and raised additional money in the years since the Shark Tank appearance and the company is estimated to be doing several million per year in gross revenue. Wild Earth and conveniently be found online on its official website or on the Amazon marketplace.

Where is Wild Earth dog food now?

That brings the company’s total venture debt to $16 million! In September, 2021, he company moved from California to Durham, NC due to the covid-19 pandemic restrictions and a lower cost of doing business. As of June, 2021, the kibble is now available on Amazon.

Who owns Wild Earth pet food?

Wild Earth was founded by IndioBio co-founder Ryan Bethencourt and is headquartered in Berkeley, California and Durham, North Carolina. The company pioneered “cleaner label”, high-quality vegan dog food when it launched back in 2018.