How heavy was Wilder’s costume?

Wilder’s costume was designed, as was the one for his Ortiz fight, by the Los Angeles duo Cosmo’s Glamsquad. The craftsmanship is astounding; it weighed 40 pounds. Before the match, an elated Wilder told TMZ that it cost him “40 racks,” or $1,000 a pound.

Is Wilder an ectomorph?

The American possesses a classic ectomorph body shape; tall, with a light build and lean muscle.

How heavy did Tyson lift?

Although he mainly focused on calisthenics and boxing exercises, it has been reported that Mike Tyson could bench over 200 pounds.

What can Wilder bench press?

In a video uploaded on YouTube, Deontay Wilder shows his fans his increased strength. Wilder starts the video off by casually bench pressing 310 pounds as a warmup. He keeps increasing the weight by increments of five pounds till he maxes out at a staggering 350 pounds.